Friday, July 22, 2011

Classic! There are no other words...

Today, I had the privilege of meeting the folks who do the TV series Chasing Classic Cars, and what a treat it was! Thanks Mike!
What's really funny is that, just yesterday, I had a FaceBook exchange with a friend (Andrea, who happens to be in the luxury real estate business in it fits here) who posted something about her "man's" collector 1970 Chevelle SS. She was boasting about it being a featured vehicle at an upcoming Russo & Steele Auction...which is pretty cool...alright...VERY cool. The funny thing is that another one of her friends thought this was the car that Starsky and Hutch was a Grand Torino...not nearly as cool a car! I was saying, I met the folks from Chasing Classic Cars and what did they have in their collection?(which is for sale BTW...just ask me for the details) Yup...a 1970 Chevelle SS 454 completely restored to perfection! This is true American muscle at it's best!
I spent quite some time wandering the lot and checking out the shop where they had several projects in various stages of restoration...what a treat for an enthusiast! There was everything from a '67 Austin Healey 3000 to an'06 Aston Martin Vantage but the coolest vehicle I had the privilege of looking at ("please don't touch!" which is NOT a request BTW) was a 1937 Bugatti Atlantic was 100 degrees outside and I didn't even notice...can you say kid in a candy shop!?
Anyway...I thought the whole thing was pretty coincidental and amusing that I had not chatted with Andrea in a while, and twice in as many days, I come across two amazing '70 Chevelle SS 454' that's a good couple of days!
Drop me a note if you want more info on any of these beauties...I promised the guys I wouldn't mention any prices, but can certainly help anyone who is truly interested privately.

'Til next time...happy motoring!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BMW M3 Wide Body Street/Track Ready...

This 1999, Dakar Yellow BMW M3 is an awesome vehicle for any race buddy bought it thinking he was going to get some weekend race time in, but alas...a new baby means it has to go! And his weekend aspiration have gone straight to the soap box derby! He asked me to get it sold for him...PLEASE...only serious inquiries....I will gladly send more pics and more info...he is asking $12,995 which is about $2K less than the book value on a standard M3 (and this one has the wide body kit and the CCW wheels are worth $4k alone).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Planes, Trains & Automobiles...

Alright, so right off the bat I don't have any interest in trains:-) but I do love airplanes (although I am not terribly knowledgeable) luxury yachts and most of all...exotic automobiles & luxury real estate!
As a disclaimer right up front, I'm here to make money and promote the various deals I come across, but I promise some interesting and educational blogging as well.
I work completely independent from any large entity and work only with people I can enjoy working with and with whom I can find a way for us to mutually benefit from our short, I've been told that I basically "connect the dots." Through my various networks and extensive contact list I can generally find that exotic car you are looking for and have it shipped anywhere in the world...
Through my extensive network I have partnered with some of the most respectable and resourceful new car dealerships in the U.S...from BMW to Ferrari, luxury real estate broker as well as one of the leaders in private aviation.
There is a whole lot more to come here on this site, so please check's late and I spent too much time on the header picture!

Until next time...keep the shiny side up!