Thursday, August 18, 2016

Introducing our eurovision line of LED conversion kits

While we do NOT have the aftermarket light bars..yet!!! We ave just added our eurovision line of LED headlamp conversion kits to our USA inventory. I've been getting a whole lot of requests for these, which are our own brand which have manufactured for us...we are NOT buying some Asian product and throwing our label on it...we set the standards and hold our manufacturing partners accountable to our standards for quality; just as we do with our wheel manufacturing partners.

These are NOW IN STOCK!

Our Generation 7 kits are top quality using Philips LEDs, have the
equivalent of 6500K white heat and brightness, an aluminum base with aluminum heat dissipation (no fan which is the first thing to break down) AND they are still priced very competitively!

Search LED or G7LED in the search box on our site, or click on products, then lighting. If you don't already have an account (business inquiries ONLY) click here. Or call (866) 466-6902

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