Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Go Wheels and Parts Now Open and Shipping Wheels

Attention custom wheel dealers...if you are selling wheels and installing some custom stuff on ANYTHING automotive...we need to talk! Our dealer network is growing fast and we're going old school...meaning that e are NOT going to be selling our wheels to any shop that claims to be a WD, or the biggest retailer, or any other BS....truth is...we already know who the biggest and the best (with the best reputations) are....you know who you are. And you know what you want from a wheel supplier...you want quality, availability, competitive pricing AND you DON'T want to be competing with the gas station down the road!!! 

Here at DAI, we understand your business, and while it would be nice to take the same approach as some of the others by selling to ANYONE & EVERYONE (can you say MHT? Wheel Pros?) we simply won't do it!! You see, I've been in the wheel business since 1988 and DAI has entrusted me with how to go to market here in the US...so, if you want to do business with a company that wants to PARTNER with our dealers (rather than just sell them) come check us out and contact me directly...we are being VERY selective about who gets to be an AUTHORIZED DAI WHEEL USA DEALER.

Oh...and By The Way...we get that we have to earn your business every day! Unlike those other guys who ass-u-me your business.

I personally look forward to earning your business...contact us now and jump on #TeamDAI now!

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