Tuesday, September 6, 2016

LED Headlamp Conversion Kits

LED headlamp conversion kits are now in stock!! Probably one of the best safety upgrades you can offer your customers. Studies are now being released that show most vehicles have inadequate lighting!!

Our eurovision LED headlamp conversion kits, which are now available to authorized dealers and installers here in the USA, are manufactured to our specifications; using only the best components available. We use Philips LEDs and chips to assure our customers they are installing the best product available.

For more information, and to become an authorized dealer, please call 1-866-466-4609 or click here

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Introducing our eurovision line of LED conversion kits

While we do NOT have the aftermarket light bars..yet!!! We ave just added our eurovision line of LED headlamp conversion kits to our USA inventory. I've been getting a whole lot of requests for these, which are our own brand which have manufactured for us...we are NOT buying some Asian product and throwing our label on it...we set the standards and hold our manufacturing partners accountable to our standards for quality; just as we do with our wheel manufacturing partners.

These are NOW IN STOCK!

Our Generation 7 kits are top quality using Philips LEDs, have the
equivalent of 6500K white heat and brightness, an aluminum base with aluminum heat dissipation (no fan which is the first thing to break down) AND they are still priced very competitively!

Search LED or G7LED in the search box on our site, or click on products, then lighting. If you don't already have an account (business inquiries ONLY) click here. Or call (866) 466-6902

Friday, August 12, 2016

Join #TeamGoWheels as an Authorized Dealer

#TeamGoWheels is growing every day! In just 3 months we've added authorized dealers in 13 states and there's no indication we're going to slow down. We now have dealers in all of the New England states, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Louisiana!!

Come visit GoWheelsandParts.com and see what the buzz is all about...with 6 different wheel brands, we have you covered no matter who walks in looking for wheels...DAI Alloys, Ruffino Luxury Alloys, Ruffino Hard OffRoad wheels, 720Form, Art Replica Wheels and PF (Phatfux) Wheels Plus our full line of wheel accessories!!

Use the contact form on our website, call us at (866) 466-6902 or join our email list to keep up to date with our exciting growth...and come visit us on Faceook and follow us there by clicking here.

Here's a look at one of the hot sellers from Rufino Luxury Alloys: (For all you VW and Audi enthusiasts)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Go Wheels and Parts Now Open and Shipping Wheels

Attention custom wheel dealers...if you are selling wheels and installing some custom stuff on ANYTHING automotive...we need to talk! Our dealer network is growing fast and we're going old school...meaning that e are NOT going to be selling our wheels to any shop that claims to be a WD, or the biggest retailer, or any other BS....truth is...we already know who the biggest and the best (with the best reputations) are....you know who you are. And you know what you want from a wheel supplier...you want quality, availability, competitive pricing AND you DON'T want to be competing with the gas station down the road!!! 

Here at DAI, we understand your business, and while it would be nice to take the same approach as some of the others by selling to ANYONE & EVERYONE (can you say MHT? Wheel Pros?) we simply won't do it!! You see, I've been in the wheel business since 1988 and DAI has entrusted me with how to go to market here in the US...so, if you want to do business with a company that wants to PARTNER with our dealers (rather than just sell them) come check us out and contact me directly...we are being VERY selective about who gets to be an AUTHORIZED DAI WHEEL USA DEALER.

Oh...and By The Way...we get that we have to earn your business every day! Unlike those other guys who ass-u-me your business.

I personally look forward to earning your business...contact us now and jump on #TeamDAI now!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DAI Wheels coming to the USA!!

Wait...we're already open!! No Limit is now the officially unofficial blog spot for DAI Wheel, Ruffino Luxury Alloys, Ruffino HARD (off road) 720Form Wheels and ART Replica wheels. Please come visit our site at www.gowheelsandparts.com

Stay Tuned!!! There's much more to come!